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Printers are now found almost everywhere because they are multitasking; fast, easy to operate and can easily work with your PC, Android devices or Mac devices. These machines have come a long way and have evolved in terms of looks and technology used. And, to rebuilt a robust connection between HP printer wireless devices. Thus, you need to find the WPS pin on your printer. With WPS pin you can establish a faster, efficient and speedy connection between your wireless HP printer and a router.

HP printers are a well-known because they are a good combination of affordable price and amazing working efficiency. They can scan, fax and print anything you want. You can give print commands to your wireless HP printer from any corner of your house or office.

But sometimes you can’t find the WPS pin for my HP printer. This one is a tricky thing to resolve. And that’s why we are here to help you!

We have mentioned the WPS importance and steps to find the WPOS pin. You just have to follow them.

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How WPS pin helps in setting up a connection?

WPS offers the maximum security to the wireless network when connected to HP printer and router. With its help the connection is at its full strength and works at a faster speed.

And, with the presence of WPS button the whole procedure gets more simplified. Wireless networks for which WPS works uses an encrypted password with the personal security from WPA and WPA2 personals.

By establishing such a good and efficient network you will be able to perform your printing procedure without any Huss and fuss of wires between your HP printer and router. All you have to do is to resolve the issue of – can’t find the WPS pin for my HP printer.

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Steps to connect your HP printer using WPS Pin when it’s not working –

 If your WPS pin is not working with your HP printer then you must try connecting it again by following the steps written below:

  • The first’s thing you should do is to open the control panel of your HP printer and then press the wireless button.
  • You should now click on the settings option.
  • You have to press the Wi-Fi protected setup.
  • Now, follow all the notifications that are popping up on your screen.
  • At this step you will see WPS pin which you have to click on to enable the functioning of WPS pin, so that it can appear on your screen.
  • For establishing wireless connection you will acquire the WPS pin.
  • Now, access the configuration utility at the final step.
  • You need to enter the WPS pin in the particular area to set up the HP printer using the WPS pin.

 You have to follow all the steps properly so that you can create a strong and faster connection between your HP wireless printer and the router.

And, once this process is complete you can install the network printer just by opening the HP folder of the printer.

We assume by the end of this blog you have successfully connected your WPS pin to your HP printer. But if you have any doubt you can contact the toll-free number +1(844) 245-7077. If you want you can communicate your issue to the nearest Printer Repair in Rochester.

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