Why is My HP Printer Printing So Slowly?

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If your HP printer’s printing speed is slow then here are some hacks you can use to increase the speed of your printers.

We have mentioned 5 ways to increase your hP printer performance and speed. These tips and tricks will definitely level up your printing speed.

Well, there can be enormous reasons that your printer is taking that much time to print a paper. The reasons are:

Use of low quality or high-quality printing papers, low RAM, no updated HP printer, and some other minor reasons. Also, the best advice is to use standard quality printing papers. Keep your printer drivers updated. Increase your printers RAM, etc.

Also, you can perform the following steps to set the printing paper preferences as per your choice.

  • Click on devices and printer.
  • Select your print model.
  • Right click on picture and select your printing preferences.
  • You have to select the plain paper in paper type and in standard form.
  • Make sure to select high standard papers.

1. Change the high paper print quality to standard one.

2. Check Wireless Connection –

Sometimes using wireless connections can also decrease the printing speed of any brand printer.

  • Thus, the best advice is moving both printer and router closer. By performing this step, you are maintaining the signal strength of Wi-Fi connection will be increased.
  • Or you can restart the router. To do the same you have to detach the cables out of it and restart it again after plugging cable into the router.

If this method, helped you then its good but if not then you can move on the next step.

3. Make sure to keep your Printer Driver updated.

4. Add RAM to your Printers –

Make sure that you always keep your printer drivers and printer software up to date. Because new and updated printer drivers can increase the printing speed of your printer and fix small bugs every time.

To add RAM in your printer, you have to give space to printer so that printer can get space while printing documents. And, if you are using high end printer then you will have need RAM to sort the slow printing speed.

By switching on or off your printer, you can reset printers setting and helps to lessen the work load.

5. Detaching Printer’s power cord to increase printing speed –

This is the last method to increase the printing speed of your printer. All you have to do is to detach all the power cords from your printer and wait for 30-60 seconds before reconnecting them into your printer. If you have any more complexities doing the same you can contact us on toll free number +1(928) 514-2464. And, you will also get virtual support from the best expertise of IT services. If you want you can also visit the our website of HP Printer Repair Bethlehem and gather more knowledge.

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