Why HP Printer Stopped Working After Windows 10 Update 2021

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There are numerous cases where printers don’t work properly after the Windows 10 updating. Though the Windows 10 has its own perks but still it has the connectivity issue with printers.

We have summed up few most effective ways to resolve this issue. Let’s start:

Alternative Ways to Resolve Windows 10 Updates –

Reset the Power Cycle –

Resetting the power cycle of your printer is count as one of the most effective method for printer to fix all the minor glitches and issues. Just cut off the power supply from your printer and remove the cables from the power source as well. You have to wait for few seconds and then reconnect all cables back into the printer and into the main power source.

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Check your USB Connections –

You have to make sure that before you start troubleshooting all the cables and cords are properly connected. Also ensure that your computer and printer are connected. Now print a document to check whether the issue is resolved or not. If you think error is still present then you might have to contact the nearest HP Printer Repair Detroit.

Time for another Machine –

If your printer is not working properly then maybe there is some problem in your printer’s machinery. You have to try troubleshooting your machine and then trying printing a document. If it is working well then, the issue is resolved. If not then you can move to next step.

Update the Printer Driver –

If you keep your printer driver updated then its good. But if not then you have to update your printer driver. And, if you don’t know which is the right driver for your printer then you can download the Driver Easy or contact the Printer Repair Lansing.

If you download the Driver Easy app, you have to install it and once installed it can update your driver and fix other minor issues as well.

Reset the Printer Spooler –

The main job of printer spooler is to make sure that printing job has been completed. But sometimes to resolve the non-working issue of a printer we have to reset the printer spooler.

In case, you are not aware of the whole process then you can directly talk on the toll-free number +1(844) 245-7077. If you want, you can search for the best HP printer repair near me.

Run Windows Troubleshooter –

The other stress-free way to resolve this connectivity issue between Windows 10 and printer is to run the Windows troubleshooter. You have to press the windows logo key and click on the troubleshoot settings. Now you have to run the troubleshooter in your printer as well. You have to wait for the time till Windows recognize the issue. And the final step is that you follow all the on-screen instructions that your printer might have facing.

Update KB4524147 –

The last solution you can give a try to solve the Windows issue is to use a new cumulative method. This method is known as update KB4524147. It is a new update launched by Windows 10 to resolve the connectivity issues between the printer and the Windows. Though, there is risk using this update but it is the last option to have thus, it is worth a try!

But before taking the risk be sure to have proper information about this update.

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