How to Print From iPhone To HP Printer

How to Print From iPhone To HP Printer?

One of the best features of any Apple device is that it allowed you to print from your iPhone with an Airprint cooperative printer. With iPhone, you can add your printer with the printer options menu. But in most of the device’s setting menus, the printer options menu care not accessible through the settings application. […]


How to Print From iPad To HP Printer Without Airprint?

With the advancing technology, it is possible today that you can easily give a print command from another room to print your documents. Printers have come a far way; users can print without the hassle of wires – “Wireless Printers.” You can even print using your iPad because most printers are compatible with Airprinters. It […]

How to Print From iPad to Wireless Printer

How to Print From iPad to Wireless Printer?

Printers are one of the most demanded machines after desktop and laptops. The reason behind this statement is that they are easy to use; quality printing, save our time, does multitasking, in short printers are amazing. They are developing as per the latest technology, as compared to the first time. Let’s know more from our […]

How to print from iPhone to HP printer

How to Print From iPhone to HP Printer Without Airprint?

HP printers are so popular due to their quality printing, high printing speed, and always keeping tabs on the latest technology. Since HP always keeps tabs on latest technology, it also makes sure that there will be no issue if someone doesn’t have Airprint to print a document using their iPhone. Thus, they have launched […]

How To Print From IPhone To Canon Printer

How to Print From iPhone To Canon Printer?

Canon itself is a famous brand and specialized in the manufacturing of the world’s best printers. They have the unique feature of optical and imaging products. Also, they offer high-quality printing with a high printing rate. They are easy to work with as they are easily connectable to androids and iPhones. But as an amateur […]