Print From iPhone To HP Printer Without WIFI?

Print From iPhone To HP Printer Without Wi-Fi

HP brand is popularly known for making computers and printers more reasonable and affordable for average consumer. But still the HP printers are their best product. These HP printers made work a lot easier and help in printing high quality images, scanning documents, colored or black and white printing and many other unique specialties of each printer.

These printers may be wireless, wired, or have other features to connect it to the network. But how will you connect and print from your iPhone to HP printer without Wi-Fi?

Don’t worry as we will help you in solving this small problem. But before moving on, we just want to know more about connecting HP printer with iPhone without network.

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The talent of doing networking without networking –

Most of the Airprint capable printers already have built-in wireless network adapters, which are connected to your Wi-Fi network. But the most surprising thing out of all was that they are also able to create hotspot for your devices to connect to it? If you are stuck in a network less zone, you can still print, as per the situation.

For example – HP LaserJet Pro 200 color Printer M251nw. This HP printer is able to connect to it using its Wi-Fi hotspot, provide a DHCP address to your device and will allow you to AirPrint away.

How to connect to your printer hotspot with your iPhone or iPad –

Here are the steps to get the printer access without an available network:

  • The very first step is to open your settings app from your home screen.
  • Now, you have to select the option of Wi-Fi.
  • You will see the list of printers under your network name. You have to select the network name.
  • Now, tap on the join button showing option – join this network.

Once, it got connected, you will see Wi-Fi icon in your network settings. This simply means that although your device has its own IP address, it cannot be connected to the internet from that connection.

No need to panic as you only need printer access and not the network access. And, if you have LTE enabled device, you might be able to connect to the printer using faux-network connection and to the internet using your own mobile data connection.

Here just for you, we will also tell you the steps you need to connect your printer on your Mac.

Steps to follow to make a connection between your HP printer hotspot on your Mac –

  • You have to launch system preferences from your Dock or from the apple menu.
  • Now, you have to select your network.
  • You have to now select the printer from under your Network name.

You will notice a Wi-Fi icon struggling to display its connected symbol of solid black arcs. Don’t worry it’s normal. But you’ll not have the internet access but you’ll have access to Airprint to your printer from any application running locally on your macOS device.

You can use these steps anywhere where you are not able to find any network for printing your documents.

We will be really glad if you found this article helpful!!

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