HP Printer WIFI Connection Problems


If suddenly your HP printer stops working then there is nothing more frustrating than this especially when you want to do some important work. There can be any reason for this but the worst one is connectivity issue.

But once your printer stops working it doesn’t matter how it happens what matters the most is how to troubleshoot the HP printer showing offline status even after being online!

One of the simplest ways to reconnect the printer is to restart the router by unplugging the cables and cords, then wait for 20-30 seconds and then again reconnect the cords back into your printer.

Turn on your router and press the wireless button to turn on its wireless capability of and then again switch it on. Again wait for sometime then reconnect your router.

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Further, let’s move forward and learn alternative method to resolve this connectivity issue.

Reconnect Your HP Wireless Printer to a New Router –

In case, your router is not working in proper format then maybe it is time to replace it with the new one. You can either get a new one or repair it. The decision is yours.

Connect Your HP Wireless Printer to a New Router –

  • Reconnect your HP wireless printer to a new router.
  • Now, you have to hit the right key on the touchscreen interface of your printer to click setup.

(Note: icon is shown as a graphic of a wrench and gear.)

  • It represents with the setup menu to click on the network. You will see another screen opening the new menu.
  • Now, you have to setup wireless wizard.
  • Now, you have to represent with the setup menu from which you have to click on the network.
  • Enter the SSID. Your SSID will be followed by WEP/WPA passphrase.
  • And, click on the one option.
  • Again, click on the ok to confirm your selections.
  • A notice will appear stating that you like to print a wireless report or not. And, if you don’t want to print then you can skip this step.

Furthermore, these steps will not be unnecessary if you use same SSID and network information as used in previous router. And, if you want to keep the same network then your HP printer will connect automatically.

Finally, we assume that you have successfully connected the HP printer with your router but if not then feel free to contact nearest HP Printer Repair Charleston or you can call us on the toll-free number +1(844) 245-7077.

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