How Do I Get My HP Printer to Recognize my Wireless Network?

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If you want to print a document and you do not have USB cable then you can also print using your phone. All you need is a good connection and good network connectivity between the printer and the mobile. You also have to be sure that printer and mobile phone are connected over the same wireless network.

But sometimes even this method doesn’t work properly and printer doesn’t connect with Wi-Fi. So, in this article we will help you learn more €bout various ways you can use to connect your printer and device over a same Wi-Fi network.

We have mentioned 9 different ways you can use to make your printer connect to Wi-Fi.

For these methods you didn’t even need technical help from professionals. But if there are more complex issues then you can contact IT Advises and get complete assistance. These troubleshoots will help you to recuperate your printer’s Wi-Fi Connections.

  1. Make sure that your device and printer are connected over the same wireless network.

Be sure, that printer and your device is connected over same network. Because if they are not then it can also be the reason behind printers not connecting with Wi-Fi.

  1. Your printer is set as default printer in your computer/laptop or PC.

You have to open the “devices and printer” from “Hardware and Sound” options. These options are available in control panel.  After opening devices and printers, you have to select your printer and right click on it and select the option set as default.

  1. Try unplugging all your devices from power source.

By unplugging all the printer cables wait for few seconds and then reconnect all the cords back into your printer.

  1. Try removing and reinstalling printer drivers.

You have to open your printer settings and select the remove device in your PC or Laptop. Then, reinstall your printer from the option of printers and scanners. Now click on add printer. You can now try printing a test document to check its working or not.

  1. Run the printer’s troubleshooter –

You have to right-click on your printer device.

Find the troubleshoot option and click on it so that your printer starts to figure out all the printing Wi-Fi errors.

  1. Disable the VPN –

Sometimes VPN can restrict the printing process of your printer due to security reasons. Thus, you have to login into VPN and have to disconnect it and then try printing a document.

  1. Download the latest driver –

To update your printer driver, you have to visit the official website of your printer brand and search for your printer’s model. Once you find it click on the update option. It will get updated and again your printer’s connectivity will back into line.

  1. Try to make your printer’s IP address static by giving command –

You have to try to make your printer’s IP address a static from CMD. To do the same type ipconfig and press enter. You have to look for default gateway to associate your printer’s IP address.

   9. Take the help from Windows by clicking on get help option and “Why is your Printer not connecting      to Wi- Fi or Wireless Connection” problem.

The above step is the last one to solve the connectivity issues.

We hope that these steps helped you in resolving Wireless connectivity problems from your Printer. Well, these IT advise troubleshooting guides will help you solve all the errors without even visiting you Printer Repair Bellingham. You can get virtual support anytime anywhere just by calling on toll-free number (877) 583-7730.

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