How to Fix HP Printer That Prints Blank Pages?

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At times, HP printer starts behaving in a weird manner and stop printing anything on your pages. What we mean to say is that – HP printer starts printing blank pages.  

And, when this kind of error occurs there is nothing more frustrating than that. This can occur due to various reasons such as –

When ink or toner cartridges are empty and need quick replacement.

When ink or toner cartridge become dislodged from their place.

Wrong sized papers are loaded in the paper tray.

Clogged printer head nozzles.

Here are the solutions to resolve your issues. But before that we want you to know that you can always opt for the nearest printer repair in Canton.

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Empty Cartridges –

To check for empty cartridges, you have to check the control panel of your printer. It will display the percentage of ink or toner left there. If it shows that ink cartridges are empty then you have to replace them with the new one as early a possible.

Disconnected Cartridge –

You have to open the cover of your printer and then slowly take out the ink cartridges one by one outside the printer. Now you have to thoroughly check every toner cartridge to find the fault in them. If you found any fault then you might have to replace it.

Incorrect Paper Size –

You also have to make sure that the paper size you are loading in the printer’s paper tray. What we want to say is that the paper sizes in your printer settings must be same as the paper you are loading the printers paper tray.

Clogged Nozzles –

The clogged nozzles are a major issue for those users who don’t use their printer very frequently. To have to go to settings and check to for the Print Head Nozzle Check’ option. And, select this option to automatically remove the blockages.

Office printer –

In case, you want to print, multiple documents from an external party then there might be some blank pages included to break few sections which are impossible to delete or omit from the documents. And the best part is Windows and Mac have developed few steps to make sure that your printer completely ignores blank pages.

For Windows:

  • You have to open up printing preferences.
  • Click on the maintenance.
  • And, in the settings section you have to select skip blank pages option.
  • You can save your settings just by clicking ok.
  • Save your settings by clicking OK

For MAC:

  • You have to open the finder and select system preferences.
  • Depending upon the version of OS, you have to select ether print and scan and fax or printers.

For Scanners:

  • You have to select the options and supplies.
  • Then, you have to click either on river or options.
  • You have to tick the skip blank page and hit the ok button.

We hope that your issue is resolved by now. Also, you can always contact us on our toll-free number +1(844) 245-7077. You can also search for the best Printer Repair in Dayton and get the New Printer Installation Guide from professionals.

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