How to Fix Brother Printer Drum Error At Your Own?

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Brother Printer is a Japan based international manufacturer company. It manufactures many multi functional devices apart from printers. Brother printers are the most used printers in the world. Approx. 10 million people use Brother Printers in their day-to-day life. These printers are used in offices, schools, hospitals, at homes, and many other places.

But like many other devices these devices also encounter technical glitches from time to time.  Thus, it is important to fix such problems as early as possible because delaying the solutions of these issues before it gets permanent is quite important. Thus, it is important that you contact Printer Repair in Louisiana. If you face same issues then you can contact on +1(844) 245-7077 toll free number without any hassle.

The most common and dangerous error in every printer is drum error. If you are also facing the same issue then you must relax.

Because in this article, we will tell you how to fix Brother Printer drum error on your own.

So, let’s move forward and learn to fix Brother Printer drum error step by step:

Step 1:  Restart the printer –

  • The very first step is to turn off your printer by pressing the power button.
  • Second step is to remove the power cord from both the printer and from the power supply.
  • Now, wait for 10-20 minutes, so that printer cools down.
  • Restart your printer. After restarting it you will notice that many errors has been resolved on their own.
  • Check for the error message. If it’s gone then good but If it still persists let’s move on to second step.

Step 2: Clean the Corona Wire –

This step is a bit complex, anyways let’s start it –

  • The very first step is to clear the corona wire inside the drum unit. To do this, you have to slide the green tab from right to left that too several times.
  • Second step is to return the green tab to the home position at the left side.

(Note: If in case, green tab does not returned to home position at left side then this will result in vertical stripes on the printed page.)

  • Now clean the 2 small pieces of metal and a metal rod coming out from the side. To clean these you must use a clean and dry cloth.
  • After performing the first step, you have to reinstall the drum and the toner cartridge into the machine.
  • You have to now close the front cover of the machine.
  • Make sure it is seated properly.

If the error is dissipated then you can relax. If it’s not then move on to next step.

Step 3:  Replace the Toner and Cartridge –

  • You have to open the cover of your printing device by lifting up the cover.
  • Now, remove all the drum unit and toner cartridge assemblies.
  • After performing the first step wait for some time and then replace the old rum and toner by Brother Toner cartridge.

Does the error still persist? Contact Printer Repair in Louisiana by ringing the toll-free number +1(844) 245-7077. We promise you that you will get instant support.

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