How Do I Connect Printer to Computer?

Printer Connection Error

One clicks and all your documents will print one after the other. Printers make our work easy and save a lot of time. Printers are not only used in commercial areas but also for personal use. In more summarize way we can say that printers are in demand and are extensively in use especially in this century.

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And, in this blog we will tell you what methods you can look up to solve the Issue of another Computer using your Printer.

Let’s start our learning step by step –

When another computer starts picking up your printer, it indicates that this error is mostly a technical one. Don’t panic we have two most amazing solutions for you.

All you have to do is to follow the steps and resolve this technical problem.

Step 1: Reset Print Spooler –

Print spooler service is a software program. The main work of spooler is to manage all the jobs of printing documents coming from your computer. The spooler is easily visible to the users of the printers. All you have to do is to cancel all the ongoing print jobs which use printer spoolers to complete all the commands. You can also manage the printing of your documents lined up.

Here are some steps to follow to restart the printer spooler service. These steps are:

  • You have to press the Window logo and R button on your keyboard altogether to run application.
  • You have to type services. MSc in the dialogue box,
  • You have to press enter.
  • Now, you have to double click on the printer spooler and open its properties.
  • Hit the stop button and press on ok to save all the changes made by you.
  • Since the service is disabling you can move on with deleting the printer files.
  • Press the Window and E to launch the quick access.
  • Press the PC button present in the navigation panel.

You have to follow the steps to navigate the path:

  • You might need to have permission to access the folder.
  • And, if it commands prompt on screen you have to press continue.
  • Open the folder and press on delete all button and delete all files.
  • You have to restart your computer.
  • Now, check whether the printer connects in correct mood or not.

Step 2: Full Power Cycle –

Power cycling is a method of turning off any device completely and after few seconds restarting it again. This can be another method to resolve the issue of another computer connecting to your computer.

When we use power cycling method in any electronic devices, what happens to the device is that it resets the set of configurations and come back from the unresponsive state. This power cycling method resets all the network configurations which take place because they all get lost when you switch off the machine.

The steps are as follows:

  • You have to switch off your Wi-Fi, your printer, and your computers.
  • Take out all the power cable from the machines and from the main power supply.
  • Once you cut off the main power supply you have to wait for sometime till all your machines become silent or idle. 
  • Now, wait for few more seconds after machines are in idle state and then plug all the wires and cords back into the machine and into the main power source.
  • You can now restart your5 machines and check that whether the error is resolved or not.

And, in any case if the error is not resolved you can easily contact the HP printer repair West Hartford. You are also free to call on the toll-free number +1(844) 245-7077.

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