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Why is My HP Printer Not Printing?

Why is My HP Printer Not Printing

Printers can stop working at any time without prior notice. The reasons for their sudden shutdown can be many. Some of the common reasons are:

Issues in Hp Printer

  • Paper jamming issues.
  • Faulty USB.
  • Defective drivers.
  • Wired and wireless network printing issues.
  • Software upgrades and printer driver problems.
  • Problems with ink cartridges.

The reasons will go on and on. Here, we will discuss all the possible solutions for these common printer problems.

If your issues are not resolved, feel free to communicate your problem on a toll-free number +1(928) 514-2464 or by searching HP printer repair USA.   

Hp Printer not printing

  1. Fix a Network Printer That Won’t Print!
  2. The simplest way to make your printer work is to restart your printer, router, and PC. Restarting everything will make your network work in a better way. 
  3. To check the connectivity of your printer follow the steps:
  4. Print a test sheet with network printers.
  5. This sheet will have information about IP address, URL, type of network connection, etc.
  6. You will notice that your network and IP address on the sheet is the same.
  7. If they are not the same then check the connection of your printer once again or reset it
  8. Ways to Fix a USB Printer?

Make sure to check the printer scanner choice for MAC. You have to click on the Apple menu and press system choices. If you notice the presence of your printer then it’s good! And, if not then you have to install your printer on MAC.

For Windows, you have to open the control panel and press the printer driver option. If you see your printer’s name then it’s good.

(Note: If you are not able to find your printer’s name then you can disconnect and reconnect the USB cable)

The other way around is – to remove all the peripheral devices and reconnect them one by one. You will get to know which peripheral device is not working properly.

If you couldn’t find any defective peripheral device then you should use another USB cable.

What to do When Printer Stops Working After System Upgradation?

If your printer stops working after system upgradation then your printer driver may be faulty. You can always contact the printer manufacturer to see all the available printer drivers and follow the instructions to install them.

You can always contact the toll-free number +1(928) 514-2464 or search for printer repair Athens.

Fix Frequent Paper Jams in Printers!

Make sure that the inside paper tray doesn’t have any pieces of paper stuck there. If you found the bits of paper then clean them gently. You can use a soft, dry cloth to clean the dust and dirt from there.

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