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Where is the WPS Pin Number on an HP Printer?

Where is the WPS Pin Number on an HP Printer

Windows 10 will prompt you to “Enter WPS Pin for HP Printer” each time you connect an HP printer. The HP printer may require a WPS Pin to be connected to a wireless network if you are using one and trying to install it on Windows 10. WPS technology is used by HP Printers to establish wireless connections. The most recent technology for connecting different devices is called WPS. You can use it to establish a safe connection between devices. Faster than a USB connection, WPS Pin is safe, secure, and reliable. 

Let’s Understand What Exactly WPS Is All About.

To facilitate wireless connectivity with routers, the HP printer generates a WPS Pin, a special 8-digit number. Only wireless routers are compatible with it. WPS Pin functions as a sort of private key between your own devices. This WPS pin will protect your printer from unauthorized users, such as neighbors and hotels. For your excellent information, every printer firm will utilize this WPS Pin technology in the future. So locate the printer’s WPS pin and establish a wireless connection.

Where is the WPS Pin Number on an HP Printer?

What is the location of my HP printer’s WPS? This is a pressing issue right now. The WPS pin is typically seen on the printer’s screen in HP printers. The WPS pin can also be obtained by printing it directly from the printer, though. If you look at the printer, you will notice a tiny screen where the WPS pin for the wireless connection is produced. There are certain other HP printers, though, that lack a screen. It is necessary to use a WPS pin to connect these HP printers as well. Therefore, there are two ways to fix the WPS Pin issue for all HP printers. 

Here Are the Steps On How to Find the WPS Pin On Your HP Printer –

HP printers can be connected to Wi-Fi Protected Setup in two ways.

  • With the help of WPS button (For Non-Screen Printers)
  • With the help of WPS PIN (To Screen Enabled Printers)

Setup HP Printer via WPS Button

If you are using an HP printer with no screen or control panel, follow the steps below to connect your printer to the system.

  • Before continuing on to the following step, turn on your printer if it is off or restart it if it is already on.
  • Now, look at the printer. You will see a Wi-Fi icon or button there.
  • On the printer, press the wireless button.
  • You will then notice a Blue or Green Light begin to flash.
  • Head over to your wireless router.
  • You can discover a WPS Button on the back of your router.
  • Hold down the WPS button for 3 to 4 seconds.
  • The WPS light on the router itself will begin to blink.
  • Wait two to three minutes. The printer’s and the router’s lights both stop blinking.
  • Your HP printer is currently wirelessly linked to the computer.

Setup HP Printer via WPS Pin

You can locate the WPS pin for your HP printer if you are using one that has a screen or control panel.

  • Before moving on to the following step, turn on the printer and, if it is already on, restart it.
  • From the control panel of the HP printer, press the Wireless Button.
  • You will now see the Wireless BLUE light blinking.
  • The “WiFi Protected Setup” option can be found on the printer’s screen.
  • Click on “WiFi Protected Setup” and select “WPS PIN”.
  • Your HP printer will now produce a WPS pin.
  • Keep in mind that the WPS pin will only be visible on the screen for 8–10 seconds; if it doesn’t work after that, you must generate a new pin.

Find The Wireless Network Password (Windows)

The wireless network password can be found by using the wireless properties on a Windows computer.

  • Look for and launch Wi-Fi Settings in Windows.
  • Change adapter options can be found under Related settings.
  • Click Status from the context menu when you right-click your wireless network’s name.
  • Then select Wireless Properties under Connection.
  • To display the password, click the Security tab and then choose the Show characters check box.

Find The Wireless Network Password (MacOS)

You can find the wireless network password using MacOS’ Keychain Access utility.

  • To open Keychain Access, first search for it using the Spotlight icon.
  • To access the Keychain settings, double-click the name of your Wi-Fi network after selecting System under System Keychains.
  • The Show password checkbox should be selected.
  • If prompted, enter your Apple ID password or tap Touch ID.
  • Click Allow after entering the Mac Administrator Username and Password.
  • The Show password field now shows the network password.

NOTE: Your Apple ID or iCloud email address is not the Mac Administrator user name. The name is shown under Users & Groups.

Still, Facing Trouble with WPS? Contact Printer Assistance Near You

The acronym WPS, or “Wi-Fi Protected Setup,” is well known. We can connect a router to additional devices with the aid of a WPS configuration. To ensure a compatible connection between the printer and the access device, it is crucial to locate a WPS pin on your printer. The WPS pin code will enable hassle-free printing of all your papers. By now, perhaps, your problem has been remedied. Please feel free to call +1(928) 514-2464 or contact the Printer Repair Service in Ohio with any further questions.

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