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What Is the WPS Pin For My Printer?

What Is The WPS Pin For My Printer | Printer Setup

When you try to connect your HP printer you will get a prompt to enter the WPS pin for an HP printer. All HP printers use WPS technology to connect with wireless gadgets.

WPS is the latest technology used by different devices to communicate with each other and had good compatibility. It also helps you to create a completely secure connection between these devices.

Also, the WPS pin is a more secure and faster method than the USB.

We will tell you how and where you can find the WPS pin of your HP printer. And, if you have any other related query then you can contact the best Printer Repair in Macon.

You can also communicate your issues on a toll-free number – +1(928) 514-2464.

But before jumping onto the main content we will help you know “What is WPS pin?”

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What is the WPS Pin?

WPS pin stands for Wireless protected system. It is a unique 8-digit number that is generated by an HP printer for wireless connection with routers. It only works with routers.

WPS pin works as a secret code between both of your devices. It also protects your printer from all the unknown dangers and other unknown users. This technology is used by every printer brand. All you got to do is find the WPS pin and connect your printer wirelessly.

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Where to find the WPS Pin on HP Printer?

To locate the WPS pin you must connect your WPS pin to your HP printer. And, almost on every HP printer, you will find any of these options to connect the printer wirelessly.

Here are the methods:

Push Button (For non-screen Printers)

WPS Pin (To Screen enabled Printers)

Connect HP Printer via WPS Button –

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  • Switch on your printer.
    Find your wireless button or icon.
  • Hit the button.
  • Blue or green light will start blinking.
  • Now, go to your wireless router.
  • You can see the WPS button behind your router and hold it for 3-6 seconds.
  • WPS light will start blinking on your router.
  • Wait for 2-4 minutes.
  • Your HP printer is now successfully connected to the computer.
  • Connect to for Hp Printer Support

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For Printer with touch screen Control Panel:

  • Turn on your printer.
  • Press the wireless button from the control panel of your screen.
  • Find the option Wi-Fi protected setup.
  • Select the push button.
  • Again, go to your wireless router.
  • Again, repeat all the above steps.
  • And, you will see that on your printer screen it is showing a connection established.
  • You have successfully connected your HP printer to the wireless network.

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Connect HP Printer via WPS Pin –

  • Turn on your printer.
  • Go to the printer’s control panel and press the wireless button.
  • The blue light will start blinking.
  • On your printer screen, you will find “Wi-Fi Protected Setup “.
  • Select the WPS pin.
  • A new WPS pin will regenerate on your HP printer.
  • The pin will be available only for 8-10 seconds. Because after that you have to generate another one.
  • Enter WPS pin. And finally, your HP printer is connected to your computer.

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We assume you have found your WPS pin successfully. If you have other doubts call us on – +1(928) 514-2464. Or search for experts nearest Printer Repair in Laramie.

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