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Learn to Connect your Printer to the Computer via Wireless Setup Wizard

We all know that connecting a wired printer is very easy. All you have to do is to connect some wires and printer together and connect few more wires to the computer and this is how your system is setup properly. And, if you have a wireless printer then you must read our article. Here […]

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Learn to Connect your Printer & the Computer via USB Cable?

Printers are quite useful machinery. It is basically an output device that prints the data from the computer and print the same on the paper. Printers are basically differentiated on two bases: Inkjet and laser. Both kinds of printers have their own utilities, purposes and specialties. As the technology advancing, now there are both kinds […]

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How to Setup HP Printer to Print from iPhone

HP printers are known well in the industry and are found both in commercial sector and for personal use. And setting up them is not easy not for the beginners. For Windows users it is easy but for iPhone users it’s a bit complicated. So, in this article, we will help you setup your HP […]

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How to Fix Brother Printer Drum Error At Your Own?

Brother Printer is a Japan based international manufacturer company. It manufactures many multi functional devices apart from printers. Brother printers are the most used printers in the world. Approx. 10 million people use Brother Printers in their day-to-day life. These printers are used in offices, schools, hospitals, at homes, and many other places. But like […]

Make Your USB Printer Wireless?

How To setup wireless printer ?

In this blog, we will learn how one can convert its printer from a USB connection into a wireless printer. If you do so than your printer can be connected to other computers which are also connected to your network. But before converting your USB printer into wireless, you must have the following things with […]