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HP Printer WIFI Connection Problems

If suddenly your HP printer stops working then there is nothing more frustrating than this especially when you want to do some important work. There can be any reason for this but the worst one is connectivity issue. But once your printer stops working it doesn’t matter how it happens what matters the most is […]

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How Do I Connect Printer to Computer?

One clicks and all your documents will print one after the other. Printers make our work easy and save a lot of time. Printers are not only used in commercial areas but also for personal use. In more summarize way we can say that printers are in demand and are extensively in use especially in […]

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Why My Scanner is Not Working?

With latest technology in use every machine is becoming a multi-tasking. And similarly, printers are multi-tasking they can scan and they can print. Printers which can print and scan are handy and easy to use. They make our work a lot easier. But it is also true that scanners can stop working anytime. And all […]

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Why Does My Printer Keep Going Offline?

Imagine you are doing something really important and suddenly your printer gives up! It shows you offline error more often than it works! We know it’s quite frustrating; especially when you want to print documents and it shows same offline error again and again. In this article, IT Advises will guide you through5 easy methods […]

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How to Fix Damaged Canon Ink Cartridge?

Printers nowadays are multi-tasking and made our work a lot easier. We can scan the documents, print any logo, image or document, prints can be done in black and white or colored way, and so on. And, sometimes these perfect machines suddenly stop working. There can be common reasons behind it or some complex reasons […]

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Why is My HP Printer Printing So Slowly?

If your HP printer’s printing speed is slow then here are some hacks you can use to increase the speed of your printers. We have mentioned 5 ways to increase your hP printer performance and speed. These tips and tricks will definitely level up your printing speed. Well, there can be enormous reasons that your […]

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How Do I Get My HP Printer to Recognize my Wireless Network?

If you want to print a document and you do not have USB cable then you can also print using your phone. All you need is a good connection and good network connectivity between the printer and the mobile. You also have to be sure that printer and mobile phone are connected over the same […]

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How Do I Get My HP Envy 4500 Printer Back Online

How Do I Get My HP Envy 4500 Printer Back Online?

Is your HP Envy printer 4500 often get offline even though it is online? And you don’t know how to get it back online. You might be thinking why does your HP printer go offline? What are the reasons? This regular problem can make you irritate and frustrate altogether. Well, don’t panic because in this […]

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How Do You Change a Printer from Offline to Online

How Do You Change a Printer from Offline to Online?

Whole world knows about HP printers their working efficiency, high-quality image printing, amazing printing speed and a lot more. But like every other brand printer, HP printers can also stop working suddenly and displays offline status even though they are not. In this article we will help you learn different ways to overcome such errors. […]

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How to Reset HP Printer to Factory Settings?

Whenever there is a debate on the most useful machine, printers always top the list. Because with the help of printers we can print anything we want in high quality, speed, scanning and printing in same machine, affordable ranges and a lot more features make them top the list. But if you have any problem […]