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Install Canon MF232W Printer Driver in Ubuntu

Install Canon Printer Driver in Ubuntu

In terms of speed printing, high-quality images, and great ink cartridges, Canon is the best. Canon printers are well-designed, portable, and can fit even in small spaces. They are easy to install.

But as a new beginner, it becomes quite tough to install the printer accurately.

And, if you found yourself in situations like this, you can reach the Canon Printer repair.

Or you can call on the toll-free number +1(928) 514-2464.

Today, we will guide you in numerous ways on how to install Canon Printer MF232W on your own in Ubuntu.

Install Your Canon Printer MF232W in Ubuntu –

With the advanced technology, Canon makes its drivers available for different platforms such as Linux and Ubuntu on all printers.

And when you want to install the Canon printer MF232W, make sure to add a repository especially when you are working with Linux and Ubuntu.

Steps to follow:

  • Open the terminal by searching its name from the software launch. Or you can use the combination of three keys – Ctrl+Alt+T.
  • Add the PPA to your Ubuntu system. You have to use the command – Sudo add-apt-repository ppa:michael-gruz/canon
  • Type the password and hit the enter button to proceed further.

Setup Utility –

To kick start the installation process for Ubuntu, you have to run sudo apt and get the update to refresh it. Therefore, you have to type sudo apt install cnijfilter2 scangearmp2 cndrvcups-utility.

Disconnect the computer from the printer or turn off your Canon MF232W printer.

Install Canon Printer MF232W driver and give the command: Sudo apt-get install cnijfilter- mf232w series

Once the driver gets installed connect your computer and turn it on again. 

Your printer will recognize the printer and accept your computer on its own.

And, in case the drivers are not installed then you have to search for cnijfilter for printing in the Synaptic package manager provided by Ubuntu Software.

Select the right driver to install on your device and hit the ok button to install it in your Canon printer.

Your printer is perfect to work with now.

Uninstall drivers from Your Canon Printer MF232W in Ubuntu –

Follow the steps to remove the drivers from your Canon printer MF232W:

  • You have to run the command: sudo apt remove –autoremove cnijfilter2 scangearmp2 cndrvcups-utility cnijfilter-* scangearmp-*

Furthermore, if you want to exclude the PPA repository, then you have to go to the option of – software and updates.

  • Click on the software option.

We believe by the time you have to reach the end of this article, you have successfully installed your Canon printer MF232W in Ubuntu.

But if the problem continues you can contact Printer repair Chicago. Or try to communicate your problem on a toll-free number – +1(928) 514-2464.

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