HP Printer WIFI Connection Problems

Isn’t it frustrating when your printer suddenly stops working? You have a lot of documents to print and the deadline is approaching. There can be any number of reasons for your printer to stop working. One of them is a connectivity issue.

Once your printer stops working, it doesn’t matter what caused it. It is far more important to be able to troubleshoot and fix your HP printer.

A printer can still show offline status even though it is online. One of the simplest ways to reconnect your printer is to restart the router by unplugging the cables and cords, then wait for 20 to 30 minutes, and then reconnect the cables and cords to your printer.

Turn on your router, switch off its wireless capability, and then turn it back on. Wait for some time, then reconnect your router.

In case your router is not working, you may have to repair it or get a new router. Now let us learn some ways to connect your HP wireless printer to a new router.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS):

  • Long press the Wireless icon on your printer for three seconds and wait for the wireless icon to light up.
  • Long press the WPS icon on your router for three to five seconds and wait for the WPS connection to begin.

Wireless Setup Wizard:

  • Put the printer near the router.
  • Turn on WPS mode.
  • In the printer’s control panel, long press the Wi-Fi icon for five seconds or until the button starts blinking.

HP Smart App:

  • Install the app.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions.

In case you still have connectivity issues, call us on our toll-free number or visit the nearest HP authorized service center near your area. Contact HP Printer Repair in Charleston if you are living in that area.

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