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How to Print From iPad To HP Printer Without Airprint?

With advancing technology, it is possible today that you can easily give a print command from another room to print your documents. Printers have come a far way; users can print without the hassle of wires – “Wireless Printers.” You can even print using your iPad because most printers are compatible with Airprinters. It allows Apple users to print using their Apple devices.

What will users do if they have a printer model which doesn’t support Airprint? It’s a good question; this article is the answer. We will guide you step by step to let you know how to print from iPad To HP Printer Without Airprint. We are here to help! You can always communicate your issues with your nearest Hp Printer Repair. You are also free to contact us at a toll-free number +1(928) 514-2464.

Without wasting your precious time, let’s move forward, When you want to print from your iPad with a printer that doesn’t print – you have to download another app supported by your iPad and printer. Some of the famous app names are – UltData, Print n Share, O’Print, and the list goes on.

So, the very first step is to download the app on your PC.

  • Run the program.
  • Install it and restart your computer.
  • Now, connect your iPad to your computer and select the type of file you want to print.
  • You have to click on the start to scan option on your device.
  • You will notice that all the files will appear on your screen.
  • You have to pick the one you want to print.
  • Select the printer icon present in the upper right corner.
  • Hit the print to select printer name, printer range, and copy amount.
  • Finally, you have to press ok to print your document.
  • If you want you can see the preview before printing your document.

Some Other Popular iOS Printing Apps –

The other famous apps for printing using iPad are:

Printer Pro –

It is an iOs app that makes your print way easy. Your iPad will connect very easily to your wireless printer. Also, it supports a wide range of support file formats such as – PDF, HTML, JPG, and TXT.

It is a paid app.

HP ePrint –

It is launched by HP. And it allows you to print any file when you connect your printer to your iPad by Wi-Fi. The good news about this app is – it is free.

Epson iPrint –

It is a companion app, especially for Epson printers. It works best with wireless Epson printers and iOs devices. It is also free to use and the biggest perk is it is used for scanning documents as well.

We believe you are now aware of how to print from an iPad without using Airprint. If you have any other query or problem feel free to call us at a toll-free number +1(928) 514-2464. You can also contact the nearest Printer Repair Seattle.

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