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How to Fix HP Printer That Prints Blank Pages?

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It can be extremely frustrating if your HP printer suddenly behaves strangely and start printing only blank pages. And when this happens, you may immediately think that you have run out of ink and replace your printer ink cartridges with new ones. Although, it is always sagacious to check your ink levels before you start your print jobs. But it isn’t always the case. 

You may face this issue even though there is enough ink or toner in the cartridges. And these can be – improper cartridge installation, defective cartridges, congested nozzles, outdated printer drivers and software etc. 

Therefore, whenever you see an HP printer printing blank, you should look for solutions to fix the printer problem. Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem, so you can quickly resume where you left off.

This blog will teach you useful tips to fix the HP Printer Printing Blank Pages issue. Let’s learn all the methods to troubleshoot the problem.

Troubleshoot HP Printer Printing Blank Pages Problem

Try these potential fixes to Troubleshoot HP Printer Printing Blank Pages issue. Here’s is what you can do to get your printer operating normally again.

Solution 1: Restart Your Printer and Computer

A quick reset can often fix this issue and prompt your printer to print normally. Restart your printer and reboot your computer device to clear the issues that may be causing your printer to print blank pages.

Let’s see the steps involved in restarting both devices:

  • Press the “Power” button to turn off your printer.
  • Then, “Unplug the Power Cord” from your computer and the power outlet.
  • “Restart” your computer.
  • Once the computer starts, “Plugin” the power cable back to your printer and the computer.
  • Print a “Test Page” to check if it’s working.  

Restarting your PC and printer may not resolve the issue if your cartridge is low on ink. So, check the ink/toner levels on your printer to fix this issue quickly.

Solution 2: Check the Ink Level in the Cartridge

Low ink levels also affect print quality. So, if your printer keeps printing blank pages, check the estimated ink levels in your cartridges from the printer’s control panel and replace them if necessary. Here’s how you should check:

(Note: The process to check the ink level may vary depending upon the printer type. You can consult the printer manual for instructions to learn different methods.)

Method 1: Follow these steps to check ink levels:

  • Go to the “Control Panel” and navigate to the “Devices and Printers” option.
  • Now, right-click on your printer and select “Printer Properties.”
  • Under the “Maintenance” tab, click on the “View Printer Status” button.
  • Look for the ink level in the “Estimated Ink Levels” section.

Method 2: You can also check the ink levels directly from the printer’s screen as follows:

  • Go to the printer’s display, and then select the “Setup” or “Settings” option.
  • Look for a “Tools” option, and click on an “Estimated Ink Levels” option.
  • Here, you can see your ink level.

If your printer is printing blank pages even though you have ink in the cartridges, you should replace your ink or toner cartridges soon. This you can learn in the next step.

Solution 3: Replace Low or Empty Ink Cartridges

Replacing the empty or low-ink cartridges can help you get back to normal printing. So let’s try it.

Here’s how to replace low or empty ink cartridges on your HP printer:

  • Ensure that your HP printer is turned on.
  • Now, open the “Cartridge Door” and wait for the ink carriage to move to the center.
  • Then, take out the old cartridge by pulling it towards you.
  • Take the new cartridge out of the package and remove its protective tape.
  • Now, carefully slide the new cartridge into the ink carriage and close the cartridge door.

(Note: Do not touch the ink nozzles on the ink cartridge to avoid clogs, bad connections and ink failures.)

Hope, replacing low or empty ink cartridges will resolve this issue immediately. Also, ensure that the cartridges you are using are not defective or damaged and reinstall only fine cartridges in your printer.

If the problem still persists, may be the print head is clogging. Try to unclog the print head then.  

Solution 4: Unclog the Print Head

When the tiny holes on the print head get clogged, it will lead to printer malfunctions, and you will get blank pages. So, to fix this problem, perform the cleaning of the printhead.

Let’s see how to clean the print head:

  • Go to “Devices and Printers” in Control Panel.
  • Next, right-click on your printer and select “Printer Properties.”
  • Under the Maintenance tab, click on the “Maintenance and Preferences” button.
  • After that, perform a regular cleaning or deep cleaning.

If cleaning doesn’t free the ink, replace the cartridge, or go to the next step and update or reinstall your printer drivers to fix HP printer printing blank pages.  

Solution 5: Update/ Reinstall Printer Drivers

If your printer drivers are malfunctioning or outdated, it could affect your printer’s performance and thus start printing blank pages. Updating corrupted and old printer drivers may solve this issue instantly. 

Let’s see how:

Follow the steps given below to update printer drivers:

  • First, right-click on the “Windows Start” button and click on “Device Manager.”
  • Double-click on “Print Queues” to expand the list.         
  • Right-click on your printer device and select the “Update Driver” option. 

If your printer still shows the issue, try uninstall and then, reinstalling printer drivers.

Follow the steps to reinstall printer drivers:

  • First, right-click on the “Windows Start” button and click on “Device Manager.”
  • Double-click on “Print Queues” to expand the list.         
  • Right-click on your printer and select the “Uninstall HP printer software and drivers” option.
  • Then, navigate to HP’s website and select – “Software and Driver Downloads”, and then install the latest drivers for your printer.

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The above methods are helpful in troubleshooting the HP Printer Printing Blank Pages issue. Hopefully, these methods have fixed your problem, and your printer is no longer printing blank pages. But, if you are not satisfied with the above methods and need help to carry out the steps on your own, you can contact Printer Repair Service in Indiana for technical assistance. 

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