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How to Fix HP 8734 Printer Keep Jamming Issue?

How to Fix HP 8734 Printer Keep Jamming Issue

If you are wondering, “Why does my HP printer keep jamming?” you are probably not alone. HP is a highly trusted brand, but after all, it’s machinery. HP printers are too prone to technical malfunctions. Jamming printers is the most frustrating issue faced by most printer users. But it can be fixed easily!

Additionally, to keep printer problems at bay, you should have a preventive maintenance plan, use good-quality consumables, and handle and store consumables properly. However, you may still encounter the HP 8734 printer jam issue. Fortunately, there are some solutions that can fix the problem and get your printer working again as usual.

This blog can assist you in resolving your issue and repairing your jammed printer. So, if you are the one facing the same issue and your HP 8734 printer keeps jamming every time, then there are a number of possibilities, which we outline below:  

Common Reasons Why Your HP 8734 Printer Keeps Jamming

When your HP 8734 printer is always jamming, you can blame the following:

  1. The input tray was improperly loaded with paper.
  2. The input tray is overloaded with paper.
  3. The paper rollers on the printer are dirty or damaged.
  4. Use more than one paper type or size at a time.
  5. Damp, torn, or wrinkled paper is loaded in the input tray.
  6. The printer’s paper path is obstructed by foreign material.
  7. Use of low-quality papers in the printer.
  8. Use of substandard-quality toner or ink cartridges.
  9. The printer contains torn pieces of paper inside it from an earlier paper jam.

There can be more reasons why a printer keeps jamming; however, we have shared the most common causes of this problem and the verified solutions below. If you are seeking solutions to fix the problem with your HP printer, read this blog completely.

Solutions to the HP 8734 Printer Jamming Problem

To fix an HP 8734 printer that keeps jamming, consider the following solutions explained below: The solutions provided here will work for all HP models, including the HP 3830, HP 8720, HP 9015, HP 6968, HP LaserJet 1320, HP LaserJet 1200, HP Envy, Deskjet, and Photosmart printers.

Solution 1: 

Always purchase high-quality ink or toner cartridges that are appropriate for your printer.

Buying low-quality toner can clump together in the cartridge and cause frequent paper jams with your printer. So, to keep your HP 8734 printer free from any issues, ensure that you are purchasing a high-quality ink cartridge.

Solution 2: 

Store printer cartridges in their original packaging and at a designated storage space.

Improperly stored ink cartridges can be the major reason for issues with your printing machine. It is always advisable to store your toners in their original packaging, properly stacked, at or below room temperature and free from humidity. Also, remember to shake it lightly before installing it to loosen the contents. And if you are buying recycled or remanufactured cartridges, they should be purchased from a legitimate dealer that offers a warranty.

Solution 3: 

Always load appropriate paper in the input tray to avoid printer jamming.

Overloading the paper tray, loading frayed, curled, or bent paper, using different thicknesses of paper, or using paper that isn’t appropriate for your particular printer—all of these can result in a jammed printer. To overcome this situation, always use the proper stock of paper for your machine. Also, when loading the tray, make sure you use the correct paper size, that it is precisely inserted, that you fan the paper before loading, and that you always check for and remove any damaged sheets.

Moreover, check the manufacturer’s instructions for the weight of paper allowed and the thickness of paper that can be used.

Solution 4: 

Buy a high-quality paper that is appropriate for your HP printer.

Low-quality paper sheets can flake or shred in the printer and tend to stick together, resulting in “paper dust.” When these paper bits accumulate in your printer, it increases the likelihood that your printer will jam, making it more difficult to clear.

Therefore, always buy high-quality paper sheets from the market and check the manufacturer’s recommendations for paper quality.

Solution 5: 

Printer paper should be stored in its original packaging, and away from moisture.

When paper is stored in an open package, the humidity and temperature can affect its weight, rigidity, and thickness. As a result, the entire stack might get compromised and paper that has absorbed moisture can warp, curl, and stick together, eventually jamming your printer.

To avoid this scenario, always inspect the edges of your paper and fan the paper before you load it into your printing machine to remove any static electricity and separate the pages. Paper with visible imperfections like curls or bent corners should not be used.

Solution 6: 

Regular maintenance of printer rollers can keep your printer running smoothly.

Improperly maintained rollers may suffer wear and tear and can cause paper jams. You should treat your printer and rollers with the utmost care and arrange for their regular maintenance.

Need a Printer Repair Professional? The A1 Team can’t wait to support your business.

The above tips are suggested by A1 Printer Repair technicians to help prevent jamming issues with your HP 8734 printer. Follow the above-outlined tips carefully, and say goodbye to printer jamming problems instantly. However, if you’ve gone through all these steps and your HP 8734 printer is displaying errors, we highly recommend calling an expert. Whether it’s an A1 Printer Repair Team member or an HP Printer Care Technician, they’ll know how to tackle the issue without potentially causing an even bigger issue. For quick access to the experts’ help desk, you can either call the toll-free number or chat with online agents to help fix the HP 8734 printer to keep the jamming issue and other printer malfunctions.

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