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How to Connect Printer to Computer Wireless

How to Connect Printer to Computer Wireless

Printers are the machine that accepts data or information and prints it on paper. The information or data can be text or photo. Printers also help in scanning documents and can-do multitask. These machines vary in their sizes, purposes, uniqueness, and models. And, as technology advances printers have Wi-Fi options available as well.

With the advancement of Wi-Fi technology, you can even print your documents from a different room. Today, in this article we will help you learn different ways to connect your printer and computer using Wi-Fi.

But before we start be sure that your printer is connected to your network.

Steps To connect the printer to the computer via wireless

Solution 1: Steps to Connect to a Wireless Network –

  • Click on the start button.
  • Open the control panel.
  • Select the printer and driver options.
  • Add your printer and add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.
  • Select your Wi-Fi printer and press the next button option.
  • Click to install the driver. If you see another option to install updated drivers for your printer, you have to hit the no button.
  • Hit the finish button.
  • After performing each step your printer can connect to all the devices connected over the same Wi-Fi network.

Solution 2: WPS Pairing Button –

Make sure that your printer is compatible with the router. And, if it is compatible with WPS, you can see it in the network menu. You have to press the WPS pairing button on your router. The corresponding button on the printer will connect it to your preferred network wirelessly.

Solution 3: Wi-Fi Auto-Connect –

Wi-Fi auto-connect functionality is nowadays present in many printers. It makes the connection setup process easy. You can use this function when your computer is connected to your Wi-Fi network. You have to select Wi-fi auto-connect then your printer will check the network of your computer. If they both are connecting over the same network, the printer will auto-connect itself to the computer.

Solution 4: Using a Network Key or PIN for Connection Setup –

You can enter a Network key or PIN into your printer using the function buttons on your printer. It will set up a connection between your printer and the router.

Solution 5: Connection Setup on your PC –

  • Press the start button on your PC.
  • Now, click on the control panel and open the devices and printer options.
  • Click on Add a printer option.
  • In the add printer wizard, you have to click add a wireless network or Bluetooth printer.

We hope and wish that you have successfully connected your printer and computer via Wi-Fi. You can also contact us online for printer repair in Bellingham and call +1(928) 514-2464.

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