How Do I Unpause My Printer?

A printer is an integral part of any business setup. Every office has a ton of paperwork which needs to be carefully filed and maintained. Printers handle the printing of all paperwork and saves a lot of time and money. With a printer in your office, you are able to quickly print necessary documents and images as and when you need them. When a printer breaks down or does not function properly, it takes considerable effort to repair and restore the printer.

Printer glitches come in all forms. There could be paper jams or the ink could be low. A common printer problem is when the printer pauses. The printer may pause if there is some issue with the printer. The solution is to make the printer resume printing.

These machines can multitask and you can print and scan anytime you want, anywhere you want. But every machine has its issues due to which they suddenly stop working.  This problem can also take place due to printer pause error.

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We are here to help you resolve your issue: how do I unpause my printer?

But before that, let’s know the reasons behind this pause error:

Reasons Behind the Pause Error:

  • Problem in printer spooler,
  • Paper jamming,
  • Printer software, etc.

To resolve this error, here are the solutions:

Basically, there are three methods to fix the pause error of your printer.

Let’s start,

Solution 1: Reinstall or Uninstall the Driver –

  • You need to first uninstall the USB driver for your printer.
  • Now, remove that folder and the AIO folder from the hard drive.
  • You have to now reinstall the USB printer driver.

Solution 2. Clear Pause Printing –

  • In case you are on the Windows desktop, you have to select start option and then choose settings and then printers.
  • Now select the printer icon.
  • Use the Pause Printing or Work Offline function.
  • Print the document again.
  • Now you have to arrange parallel connection.
  • You have to turn off the printer and then remove it from your network.
  • You have to connect your PC by using a parallel cable.
  • Turn on the printer.
  • And, once the task is complete, you have to try printing a test document.

Solution 3.

  • You have to check whether the pause button is on or off in the settings.
  • Go to the printer’s control panel.
  • Press and release the pause button. This will prevent the printer pausing.
  • Continue to follow these steps:
  • You have to go to the computers taskbar and select the printer icon.
  • On screen, a list of documents will be displayed.
  • On your computer, right-click on the status that says Paused.
  • Click on resume to get your printer printing again.            

By following the steps mentioned above, your printer issues would have been resolved. In case you are still unable to resolve your printer issues. Connect with us on our toll-free number. For Printer
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