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Fix Epson Printer Light Blinking Error

Fix Epson Printer Light Blinking Error

Epson printers are the most dependable and cost-effective printing equipment available, and they are widely used in homes and companies. Epson printers offer high-quality printing, scanning, faxing, and other modern functions. Thousands of Epson printer consumers have experienced various forms of Epson printer issues. Most of the time, we get one query from Epson printer users aboutEpson printer blinking lights error and red or green light on Epson printer. Users have reported issues with their Epson printers suddenly blinking lights.

Users have reported the Epson printer red and green lights blinking error for a number of printer models, including the Epson l3110 ink blinking and the Epson l360 blinking ink and paper light error, and many others. If you have the same issue, locate the appropriate remedies to resolve it. You are now on the appropriate page. Here, we’ll talk about the reasons for and fixes for the red and green printer lights blinking problem.

Facing Epson Light Blinking Error?  Here Are the Reasons Why

If you are facing Epson lights blinking error and are wondering why, there are several reasons for your Epson printer fault. Before you can fix the Epson printer lights blinking error, you must first understand what is causing the Epson printer lights to blink.

  • A paper jam
  • Low or empty ink levels
  • The Epson printer and computer are not in communication
  • Overheated print head on an Epson printer
  • Epson printer is unable to connect to the network
  • A broken fuser in a printer

Blinking Epson Printer Lights – Meaning and Status

The various types of mistakes have resulted in the multiple kinds of blinking light patterns. These blinking lights are on and off, and the flashing has indicated the printer’s state. To begin, you must understand the causes of the light blinking faults.

1. When the green light is blinking while the red light is on:

When the green light and the red light on your Epson printer both flash, the printer is out of paper. Put the stack of paper in the paper tray and halt printing.

2. If the Red light is flashing and the Green light is on:

On an Epson printer, when the green light is on and the red light begins to blink, it means that one of the ink cartridges is low on ink or needs to be changed.

3. When Your Epson Printer’s Red and Green Lights Blink:

When the red and green lights on your Epson printer alternately flicker, there is paper jamming. Remove any paper or other things that have become stuck in the paper tray by opening it.

4. When both your ink and paper red lights are blinking:

The red light for your ink and paper out is blinking when the print head of your Epson printer is clogged. The printer print head is obstructed in this motion by foreign objects or paper jams.

Here Are Some Quick – Fix Tips On Troubleshooting

Unclog Paper Jams:

Your Epson printer’s blinking lights indicate that paper has been stuck in the paper tray. Remove any paper that has been jammed in the print feed by unlocking the paper tray and doing so. Check the rollers as well; if they are stuck, take them out and clean the clogged areas.

Inspect The Printer Cartridge:

You have run out of ink or have an empty ink cartridge when your Epson printer’s red light begins to blink. If the lights start blinking again after refilling the ink cartridge, you should get a new one.

Inspect The Printhead And Fuser On The Printer:

The fuser overheats and burns out when the user constantly takes prints. If your Epson printer’s fuser is damaged, you will have to replace it.

You should take a break while waiting for the printer printhead to cool down because the printhead can occasionally overheat and stop functioning.

 Verify The Network Connection For The Printer:

The printer’s blinking lights could occasionally be the source of a poor network connection. When the Epson printer’s lights start to flash, you should check the wired and wireless network connections first.

The printer will cease blinking once it is linked to a network. 

NOTE: is your network secured or free from infections, to get a free assessment of your printer to get it scanned by a professional and save it from harmful infection and other IP attacks.

Get Connect With Printer Repair Professional Right Away 

We hope by the end of this blog you have resolved your error and if not then you can contact the nearest Printer Repair Service in California in your web browser. You can also talk to the experts by calling on a toll-free number +1(928) 514-2464.

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