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Computer Recognizes Printer But Not Scanner

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There are multitasking printers that not only print but can also scan documents for you. But sometimes these scanners are not recognized by the computer. The reasons may vary but this can really affect your working efficiency. When the scanner is not recognized there are chances that it is connected with the help of a USB, serial or parallel port. The other part of the problem is that it is caused due to outdated, corrupted, or incompatible device printers.

This is not a complex error to solve but it is deadly if not treated with time. Don’t panic we are here to teach you the best solutions to resolve this issue.

For professional help, you can also contact the toll-free number +1(928) 514-2464. You can also contact Printer Repair in Sumter.

Without wasting your precious time let’s start,

  • Check your Scanner –

Make sure your scanner is connected to a working power supply. You can also test the working ability of your scanner by connecting it to another computer. By performing this step, you will get to know whether the scanner has developed a fault or the problem is with the connection or the computer setup.

  • Check your Connection –

You have to check the cable connections between the scanner and the computer. You have to check whether they have loose connections or are firmly connected or not. You can also check the different USB ports by connecting different cables in different ports one by one. While performing this step you have to unplug all the other peripheral devices.

  • Check your Software –

There are chances that your printer’s drivers might need an update so that your scanner can connect to it properly. You can either check the manufacturer’s website to check the latest updates of printer drivers. You can also download apps to find the right printer driver for your printer scanner.

  • Further Troubleshooting –

In case your scanner is working initially but is not able to detect then you might have to use the Windows System Restore tool. It will help roll back your operating system. And, in case a different scanner is installed before the existing one then leftover files must prevent new devices from being detected.

Thus, you have to open the device manager utility from the control panel and uninstall older scanners under the imaging device which will resolve the issues.

We presume that the issue – the computer recognizes printer but not the scanner canon. You can also contact the toll-free number by calling on +1(928) 514-2464. And, you are also free to search for the nearest Printer Repair in Twin Cities.

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