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If you are looking for the guide for HP Officejet Pro 6978 then you reach the right place. Here we will educate you to download and setup your HP Officejet Pro 6978 Drivers in Various operating systems Like windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 98, Windows me, Server 2000, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, Linux, Ubuntu, Red-Hat, Kali Linux, MAC OS, Fedora And Solaris, etc. follow the step by step guide of installation and setup of HP Officejet Pro 6978 Drivers And setup or 123 hp com setup

HP Officejet Pro 6978 Driver Step By Step Guide – 6978 On Windows?

Do you want to setup your HP Officejet Pro 6978 drivers By Yourself? . Forgoing farther you need to list out something

  1. Know your operating system
  2. Know your operating system bit
  3. Know your Printer make and model
  4. Know that your internet working or not
  5. Know that you have time at list 30 minute

Now you have everything

You visit, where you will find a search box there, type your model number or a serial number of your printer there.  After this now you will see your printer picture is in front of you in your system, there you will see another option of selecting the operating system please select the operating system. Now you will see the list of drivers below the operating system selection bar where you need to select the latest updated driver among those ( hp use to update their device drivers due to relevancy with the operating system, or due to operating system updates so you need to download latest updated drivers ) list.

Follow these steps for download HP Officejet Pro 6978 Driver:

Step 1: Find Your Printer Model Number – HP Officejet Pro 6978 Driver




Step 2: Software & Drivers: Identify Your Printer




Step 3: Choose Your Operating System – Windows




Step 4: Click On The Download Link To Download The Driver


Now Installing The Driver Of HP Officejet Pro 6978 (

Now You have downloaded the latest and updated drivers of your printer for your operating system. After this, you go to the download folder where you will see a .exe file named with some number. Dubble click on that file now you will see a run box click on Run and windows will ask for some permission you have to click on allow then installation will take place. While installing drivers it will ask to connect the HP Officejet Pro 6978 through a USB cable then you need to connect HP Officejet Pro 6978  to your computer through a USB cable.

Step 1: Find Your Download Setup File In Your Download Directory

Step 2: Click On The Run For Installation

Extracting Your Setup File

After Extact Installing Process

Step 3: Click On The Next Button For Establish Connection With Your Printer

Still Your Printer Is Not Printing It Means There Is Drivers Conflicts

Drivers Conflict is the major reason behind the printer malfunction of the newly installed printer. For that, we need to uninstall the installed HP Officejet Pro 6978 drivers from your computer. Before uninstalling the drivers you need to disconnect the Printer from the computer or from the device. There are two types of uninstallation is there:-

  • From Program and Future – In this simply you need to go to control panel in control panel open program and future , in program and future you will see the list of software in that you need to find HP Officejet Pro 6978 than dabble click on that it will ask for permission you need to click on allow . In 2 to 5 minute it will be uninstalled than restart the computer and install the drivers again.

Step 1: Go To Control Panel and open Programs and Features


Step 2: Find HP Officejet Pro 6978 Printer Driver and Double Click On That File

Hp printer driver uninstallation

  • From Registry – For registry click on start than go to run or you can simply go to keyboard and press and hold the windows key in the keyboard and hit latter R in the keyboard . it will open a run box type there “regedit” than hit enter in keyboard. It will open registry there you need to go to  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE than SOFTWARE than HP and delete that File that’s it. After this re start the system and install the drivers.

Step 1: Press Window + R Key To Run Regedit File

Hp Printer Driver Delete By Regedit

Step 2: Now Find HP Directory and Then Delete the Directory.

Delete Hp Driver From Registry

HP Officejet Pro 6978 Printers Are Supported By These Operating System

In my opinion, your printer should be working now IF not working then you can do one more thing go to and find their HP printer doctor. Download HP printer doctor and install it. After installation is done open the Hp printer doctor Icon from your desktop and run it and follow the steps.

I must say now your printer is working fine if not for Contact us. We are working in Printer Setup services since 2011 in the United States of America.For HP Printer Support too.

In the Second Part of this blog, we will tell you how to set up HP Officejet Pro 6978 Drivers in Linux And MAC os.

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